Thursday, October 21, 2010

Unintentional Rainbow

I finally got my latest shipment of Socks that Rock yesterday. It was a long time coming, but honestly, I’m happy to wait, and I’ve ordered enough from them to know that you want to go ahead and order the yarn about 3 weeks before you want to have it.

And of course, it’s always worth the wait.

The five skeins on the right are all heavyweight and are presents for my two best girls (who are both expecting and are due 3 weeks apart!) The Cozy, Fierce, and Dirty Orange and the What’s Up, Buttercup? are for this giraffe from Susan B. Anderson’s Itty Bitty Toys. I’m going to follow all of the shaping instructions (because there is not a cuter giraffe out there) but change the construction order, and I’m planning on picking up stitches and connecting things as I go, a la Ysolda’s Sophie. The three skeins of Nodding Violet are for a baby blanket for a wee gentleman who should be making an appearance in January.

At the far left we have True Blood Red and Princess Plummy, and at the top, Downpour, which was the only skein that didn’t fit in the rainbow. All are lightweight. They represent me trying to open up my horizons a little and knit with more solid colored sock yarns. As I’m working on designing, I’m realizing that if you’re going to do any kind of patterning it’s important to have solid colors so that people can see what the heck you are knitting.

In all honesty, from the second that True Blood Red came out I deeply coveted it, and there is still a better than even chance that I shall order it in Gaea or Woobu to knit my Traveling Sweater. I have the pattern, just . . . no time.

Sigh. Don’t you just love new yarn?

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