Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cripping Jealousy


Did you see Friday's post on We Do Not Have a Knitting Problem? Did you see it?! I am full of jealousy. I greatly, greatly covet all three of those colorways. They are among my top ten most wanted on Blue Moon Fiber Arts right now. Also Rocktober. And Jonagold. And Autumn. And Fall On Tap. I'm all about the seasonal at this moment.

October: you are my favorite month.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I actually woke up this morning and couldn't get back to sleep - weird - and so I did something that felt productive (in the way that cataloging anime is productive).

I took pictures of all the yarn I've bought this summer and loaded it into Ravelry. I feel decadent!

I'll just hit the highlights for you, shall I?

From the genius tigerlilith at Old Maiden Aunt:

From Red Sock Yarn in Door County:

My very first Malabrigo - Malabrigo Sock- I've never been attracted to it before, but this was just lovely. It looks like the color of love to me, brown and red. Delicious. I'm going to knit myself some stockings.

From Spin in Sturgeon Bay:

Plymouth Happy Feet - going to become a baby blanket for my awesome boss who is expecting a jungle baby early next year.

And from Wisconsin Sheep and Wool (which was awesome):

This awesome sock yarn from Happy Hands.

And tons of Grandma's Blessing from Briar Rose in olive to make the Gap of Dunloe Cardigan of which I have been dreaming.

Lots of pictures. Sorry if there are too many pictures - they were just so pretty.

One of my Last Year's Goals is to put up yarn I don't want on Ravelry for trade and having started with all this yarn I'm definitely keeping, I'm hoping to put more up in the next week or so.

Yay for yarn!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


The Christmas colorways are out on the Blue Moon Fiber Arts website. I was casually surfing and put $300 worth of sock yarn in my cart. Yeah. Can't push the buy button on that!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Own Little World

I know not too long ago I posted that I was going to post more, like I was doing in the spring, and then I fell off the face of the earth.

The truth is, while I have some things to post about, I haven't been knitting too much. I've alluded several times in the recent past to some health problems and sleep problems I've been dealing with, and they have been taking up most of my physical and mental energy. I'm hoping I'm going to be over this stuff pretty soon and able to get back to your normal obsessive knitting schedule, but until then let's just have a mismash blog entry.

I went to The Fold two weeks ago and it was everything I could hope for and more!! Jorah actually got more yarn than I did, but I came away with four skeins of STR Lightweight. It was very exciting.

The next weekend his folks had us up to Door County, which was about the most fun, relaxing vacation I can remember having ever. I slept a lot, it's true, but we also hung out, and Jorah and I drove around by ourselves on Saturday in the rain, finally landing in a sweet little yarn shop called Red Sock Yarn (where I bought some delicious looking Malabrigo Sock (my first Malabrigo, I haven't ever been attracted to it until now!), and on Sunday we took the ferry out to Washington Island.

Washington Island was beautiful - we went to the hotel and poked our heads in, and to Seiver' Fiber Arts Studio as well. Jeff got some Tuir on clearance (enough to make another sweater) and I got a book I loved when I was learning to weave at Oberlin - A Handweaver's Pattern Book.

On our way back to Madison on Monday we stopped at Spin in Sturgeon Bay, where I found some great stuff to make another Big Bad Baby Blanket (probably) for my boss, who knows she's having a baby, but doesn't know what kind, and is due on January 3rd. She's doing the nursery as a jungle, and I think this yarn is going to be perfect.

As far as knitting has gone, I finally finished the Dragon Socks! Work continues on the Lizard Ridge sample and the Big Bad Baby Blanket (slowly, slowly, I'm sleeping about 17 hours a day) but I'm just glad to have the Dragons done and out of my purse!


When we went up to Door County I sort of ran out of time to pack, so I just took three totes to the living room area and dumped in every single project I could find. I know for a fact that the socks I started for my brother were among them. FOR A FACT. They were sitting on the little end table, mocking me because I needed to rip back about 6 rows, and I distinctly remember thinking, 'maybe I'll fix these up there' and I packed them. Unsurprisingly, I didn't work on them while we were on vacation, and now I can't find them anywhere.

I've always been skeptical when people lose knitting, (how could you lose your knitting?) but now I have done it. Anyway, if you're up Door County and find a sock being made on 5 dpns from Midnight Derby Smooshy, and its about 6-8 rows into the heel flap, let me know, okay?