Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Wednesday

It’s been a bit of a nothing week here in Texas.

  1. - I spent more time than I would like to admit admiring the Witch’s Stockings Kit on Sanguine Gryphon before they ran out. I adore striped stockings, and when you add Bugga to the mix I become almost obsessive in my admiration. I’ve bought too much yarn in the last two months though, so no Witch’s Stockings for me. Being Responsible is stupid.

- I tried to wrangle my office into a neater version of itself so I would be able to work in there, but it’s still a mess. Now I’m focused on wanting these shelves from IKEA. I would be so neat and tidy if I only had those shelves.

  1. - Doing the final seaming on a baby gift for a friend whose new lady arrived a few weeks ahead of schedule, and I’m disappointed in myself for not altering the pattern the way I considered. I said to myself, “Self, there’s no reason NOT to knit it the way the pattern was written, and it will look just as good when you’re finished!”

    - Nope. Once again I should have listened to the slightly snotty overconfident voice in my head who told me that my way was better. Now I’m just debating pulling the whole thing out and starting over. But am I that much of a perfectionist? I strive to avoid perfectionism in my life - that way lies madness.

    1. - Have not finished a single thing yet this month, i.e. nothing to turn in for the HPKCHC, which is ridiculous because it is quite possibly the best set of classes I’ve ever seen.

    1. - At least I am working on a pattern and liking what I’m getting. I’ve also had two other ideas spring to life while I’ve been knitting.

    1. - I wish the whole process was faster. Is it me or do other designers have patterns coming out every other week? Or does it seem that way to me because they are all one Internet Entity and their new pattern launches all fill in each other’s gaps?

    1. - I really need to go buy some buttons.

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