Saturday, June 26, 2010

May Knitting

Looking back through my archives it seems like I didn't talk at all about the knitting I did in May for the HPKCHC. I actually did all six classes, and was pretty pleased with five of them. I know I've been talking recently about how frustrated I am with my OWL project and how I want to abandon it, (at least the main part of it) but I did do some really nice projects last month. Let's take a little tour.

Skew for SPEW Socks:

I knit the extremely popular Skew socks from Knitty. I found the pattern to be straightforward, easy to understand, and very enjoyable. Unfortunately the socks turned out too small, so they have gone to Florida to live with a dear friend.

My next favorite project was the delightful Sophie:

Of course all of Ysolda's patterns are beautiful and thoughtfully designed, but this one is also just adorable. Charms was a good excuse to knit it! I had a bunch of the pink and so decided to duplicate stitch the inside of the ears. I think next time I will find a tutorial for intarsia in the round. I know it can be done, my friend Kj can do it!

I have had this hat in my head for a while now and wanted to see if I can do it - the Viking Kiddo:

It's my own 'design' though as you can see it is an easy little hat. This is sized for a kid, so you are not able to see me model it, I know you are disappointed. I am particularly pleased with how the horns turned out.

At first I turned my nose up at the Herbology assignment, but finally I did knit this little flower, which is attached to a hair comb:

I think it's just lovely, but I don't know if I'm brave enough to wear it. I do wear my hair like this all the time - it's fun and it keeps it out of my way - but the flower might be a bit much.

I don't know if I'll be able to do any classes next month either. I only brought a bit of yarn to New York with me (definitions of 'a bit' are up for interpretation) and I'm really feeling the itch to start coming up with some things on my own. The temptation in the HPKCHC is to do a pattern by someone else, because everything is time sensitive and at least you know it will work out. They encourage you to knit your own stuff but I just don't know if I am that organized.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Camp = More Fun When You're an Adult

I'd love to do posts where I say "Here's what I did today:" and then follow up with some photos, but the truth is that is just not going to happen - there is way too much going on here. It is the most I can do to get online one day out of three!

Anyway, here are some pictures and snippets!

Last week I learned how to warp an industrial loom:

As you can see, you spool up all of the colors you want to put on, set them on the rack in the correct order, and then thread them through the doohicky. Then you turn the back beam and the whole thing winds up. They go through the counter on the doohicky to make sure that you put enough warp on. Extremely cool.

This is a better picture of the weaving shop:

This view is from the top of the stairs looking across to the window. Below is a view from the window looking to the top of the stairs.

The whole place is pretty amazing. Today I learned how to make stepping stones with glass set in concrete (and how to score and break glass). We also worked with leather. Tomorrow it's copper enameling and stained glass - something I've always wanted to do, but it never occurred to me that it could be an option.

It's been crazy busy here the last couple of days, but we're finally done with the Orientation part of orientation and just have site training (which is fun!)

As far as knitting goes, I'm really frustrated with the HPKCHC right now to be honest. I am just at the heels of my Yoga Nutkins and those are fine, but I am crazy frustrated with the boot/slippers I'm attempting to make. One of them looks exactly the way I pictured it, and the other one is all crooked and annoying - HOWEVER - they are numerically identical. Honestly I just feel like scrapping the whole thing.

I am going to go back to my room now. I think I'm going to say "TO HELL" with the House Cup tonight and roll up my new skein of STR Heavyweight Love. It's going to be a baby surprise jacket. I am just going to knit it because I want to knit it. Period.

And here is a picture of my front porch:

I share this house with about a dozen other people. I am a lucky dog, aren't I?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Greetings from Silver Bay!

My first week at camp has ended and I kind of love it. The work is work, but it’s great to be weaving again. I have an adorable little room in the grownup housing (a room of my own!) with a braided rug on the floor and my own sink. I have gotten to play with an inkle loom (my new favorite thing!) and learned how to put on an industrial warp.

I’m not getting a whole ton of knitting done . . . I’m going to bed at 10:00 at night because I have to be up by 6:15 or so. Most of my free time has been spent thinking about how I need to do my laundry and reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played With Fire.

They are pretty amazing. I’m almost finished with the second one, and then I have to wait until The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest comes out in paperback. I love all of the Swedish places in the books: Saltsjobaden, Strangnas, and Sotertalje. They are making me want to look for kickboxing studios when I move to Texas. They are real, complicated stories with real characters and an amazingly detailed sense of place. They are making me realize that most of the popular fiction I read is by Americans - I really should branch out.

Most of my knitting has been focused on Harry Potter projects - I’m working on my Jonagold Yoga Socks and my three OWL projects. I’m definitely not going to be able to do six projects the way I did last month. I was hoping to do a lot of knitting and designing while I’m up here, but we’ll have to see how it goes when I get more situated.

Orientation officially starts on Sunday. I hope to god there won’t be funtivities or management parables.

If you haven’t yet, go look at the new Blue Moon Colors - True Blood, Dilly Dilly, Drusilla, Spike, Slayer - Tina knows what I like! (vampires, old folk songs, and the colors - especially the True Blood)

Friday, June 11, 2010


I don't have time to make a weepy "I can't believe I'm voluntarily leaving Madison" post like I was planning. I'm in the throws of packing instead. I have most of my clothes packed (just waiting for a few things to come out of the dryer) and now it's time to start really thinking about necessities.

Knitting and yarn going to Silver Bay:

1. OWL stuff. Obviously. For my HPKCHC this term I'm attempting a History of Magic OWL and making:
All of these things need to be at the 50% point by June 30th. I've made good time on the shawl and the cloche, but have recently decided that the boots need to go back - waaaaaaaaaay back.

2. Homework for HPKCHC:
3. Yarn for future projects (keeping in mind that Jorah can send me a care package or two if I need it.
  • Heavyweight STR Love to make a baby surprise jacket to go with the Stella Pixie Hat and Booties that I already made.
  • Yarn for the Pingala shawl already in progress (possibly back to the drawing board on this one)
4. Random STR (and one skein of Mountain Colors) which I need to use to DESIGN MY OWN STUFF in colorways:

  • Spy-Say Guacamolay
  • Cattywampus
  • My Wild Irish Girlie

I have made a big change of plans and decided NOT to pre-wind everything before I leave. I will do things the old fashioned way, without my fancy ball winder and swift, just like they did in the Days of Yore when all and sundry were forced to wind their designer hand-painted yarn by hand before knitting it magic loop on their Addi Turbo needles.

I think I might take my skein of Knitosophy Superhero too, just in case. Also Whimsical Little Knits. You never know when you might need to make an Ishbel at the drop of a hat.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Computer

I'm afraid I don't have pretty pretty pictures for you today. I got a new computer over the weekend and haven't transferred over yet. Right now I am, in fact, sitting at my computer desk listening to iTunes on my 8 year old Gateway Desktop, and typing on my brand new MacBook Pro. Something is wrong with this picture.

I finished up all of my Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup classes for May and even posted an OWL proposal. I'm very excited for the OWL - especially the two more minor projects which are not actually the focus of the OWL. (SDER)

June classes posted and I have to admit I'm not sure I know what I'm going to make for ANY of them. At The Fold last weekend I got a fair few skeins of STR intended for Baby Surprise Jackets, but I don't really see where they fit this month, unless I make two for Defense Against the Dark Arts, which I don't see myself doing.

Jorah has told me that he's going to start data transfer tonight, but honestly thinking about it, I don't know what I want to transfer. Do I really want all of the files that are on my old computer? We're cleaning out our house right now, getting rid of the things we don't want or need before the big move. Do I really want or need everything on the old computer?

P.S. I never thought I would be a Mac person, but even though I barely know how to use this computer I love it. The videos are crazy helpful and everything is so pretty and easy. I bought the One to One classes, but I'm not going to go until after we're in Austin. Until then I'll just be learning on my own!