Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home Again Home Again

Well, I got to Austin on Monday night, so today is my second day in the new place. It is so great seeing my husband and dogs again - it already feels like I was never away. I completely love our new place as well - big rooms, beautiful floors, it's great. I have a studio of my own with a ton of light, we have a dishwasher(!) and we have laundry hookups, so we're looking for a secondhand washer and dryer to hook up to them.

My main project right now is not so much knitting as it is getting everything organized in this house. There are still boxes everywhere and I have a ton of unpacking to do. I do like organizing things though, so that's a good.

I definitely think it's going to be weird though, not leaving the house to go to work. I did it yesterday for the first time and just kept feeling like it was time to get going. Last night I started to work on a pretty cool project though, and now I feel like I have some momentum.

I'm off to work on unpacking and organizing for a while. In other news, yesterday I had my laptop blaring music while I was working and kept thinking, "Oh, no way! I can't believe this radio station is playing this song - I love this song!" and then realizing that I was listening to iTunes and of course it would be playing all of my favorite music, because it's my music. Very smart. SMRT.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weaving Addition

There are many different ways to use math in weaving but let's look at this one.

Today I took this:

put it with this:

and ended up with this:

Then I took this:

put it with this:

and ended up with this:

So all of the ingredients for a great day.

Unfortunately, it has been a pretty rotten day. My allergies have arrived, but I am loathe to start taking the Zyrtec I brought because it knocks me right on my butt and makes me want to sleep for 18 hours a day (it's the only thing that works, even though it wears me right out.) I may cave in and take some next time I go back to my room though - I'm already exhausted so what's a little more exhaustion, right?

In good news, it's Tuesday, so there was a new The Guild up, and also my favorite podcast. This also means that I will be home a week from today - a new home, but home all of the same.

I hope they don't have Ragweed in Texas.

****The first weaving is a random mix of blue and turquoise 5/2 cotton with Mountain Colors Bearfoot Ladyslipper and the second is six different pinks and lavenders also in 5/2 with Socks That Rock Lightweight Mist. Both patterns are tabby.

Monday, August 9, 2010


I was reading old blog posts of mine (because I'm a dork like that) and came to the one where I lamented that Lover's Leap STR wasn't more red because I wanted to knit My Vampire Boyfriend socks from Knitty. I totally forgot about this and now True Blood Red is out and it's super red and bloody and vampirey!

Don't you just love yarn?!

and vampires?!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I've been feeling a little betwix-and-between lately. This is a fun place and there is lots to do and see here, but I'm homesick for three different places. As my mom would say, I've had enough fun.

I miss Madison. I miss Lakeside-That-Was and mostly my friends who worked there. I've been thinking about them a lot today, the Lakeside Ladies. I flipped through the new Twist Collective, and it made me realize how much fun I had at the yarn store - how I would feel when the new fall yarns would come in, every box full of new colors and textures. Every fall filled with possibilities. I want to go have dinner with them all at Taj Indian (as an aside, I long for food with spice!) and have someone say, "Have you seen the new Classic Elite books?" and have someone else say, "Oh, I have one in my car, I'll be right back!" I love my ladies.

I miss Virginia. I spoke to my mom and my grandma briefly yesterday and they were making homemade ice cream and Peach Conserve. It's been really nice here recently, like Virginia in late September, and I can't wait to visit home this fall. I'm going back for the Waterford Fair - the big craft show in my area. I may spend up to two weeks at home and I can't wait!

Weirdly, I miss Austin, even though I've never been there. Maybe I'm just excited to get my life going again. I want to be there with my family in our new house and get settled into a routine. I want to have a cell phone again so I can call my friends in Wisconsin, Louisiana, Florida, and Virginia and not have to rely on Facebook. I am ready to develop a routine and really get down to designing and knitting and working on my LIFE.


Silver Bay has a Labyrinth (a replica of the famous one at Chartres Cathedral) and I finally tried it out this morning. You may know that I'm not a religious person, but I am a spiritual one, and I have heard about the power of Labyrinths from various readings and friends. It was quite the experience. Most of the wisdom I gleaned from it came in the form of cliches, it's true, but cliches are cliches for a reason. There is a difference too, between having someone mouth platitudes to you when your soul is tangled up and realizing them yourself.